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ENIC-NARIC recognition tools and projects

ENICs and NARICs have developed projects, tools and instruments to facilitate recognition, foster mobility, enhance internationalisation of higher education.

European Commission - NARIC Project Reports

EAR - European Area of Recognition

EAR HEI manual: standards and guidelines on recognition

Databases and information on higher education systems and qualifications:


Country Education Profiles – CEP (EN)


CICIC - Country Education Profiles (EN, FR)


ANABIN Database (DE)


International Qualifications Database (EN)

Banca dati dei sistemi universitari (IT)
CIMEA MAGNA CUM LAUDE: A worldwide database of University Grading Systems (EN)

Country Modules (EN, NL)


NOKUTs landdatabase - Country database for recognition of foreign qualifications (NO) 

Higher Education Entrance Qualification for Persons with Foreign Education - The GSU-list (EN, NO)


- (SE)

Guidelines, further tools and projects on academic recognition:

Belgium - French Community

DIES - Descripteurs d'Internationalisation pour l'Enseignement supérieur (FR) 

Les acquis d'apprentissage dans l'Enseignement supérieur - quelques exemples de bonnes pratiques (FR) 

Guide des règles et bonnes pratiques en matière de reconnaissance académique (FR)


- CICIC - Academic Credential Assessment Community Tool Box (EN, FR) 

CICIC Terminology Guide for Academic Credential Assessment in Canada (EN, FR) 

Alberta International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) - Education Overview Guides (EN)


- EU-MTR - Enhancing the use of mobility tools for recognition (EU-funded project with France (coordinator), Italy,...)


- BRIDGE Handbook: Joint Programmes and Recognition of Joint Degrees (EN)

- CIMEA against the mills: How to spot and counter diploma mills (EN)

- FRAUDOC - Guidelines on Diploma Mills and Document Fraud for Credential Evaluators (EU-funded project with Belgium-Flanders, Denmark, Estonia, Italy (coordinator), Portugal and Sweden)

- SCAN-D - Samples & Copies of Academic National Diplomas (EU-funded project with Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium-Flanders, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Ireland, Israel, Italy (coordinator), Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Ukraine)


- STREAM - Streamlining Institutional Recognition: A training platform for admissions officers (EU-funded project with Netherlands (coordinator), etc.)


- Refugees and Recognition - Toolkit for recognition of higher education for refugees, displaced persons and persons in a refugee-like situation (EU-funded project with Norway (coordinator), etc.)

Projects on Quality Assurance and Qualifications Frameworks:


Projet QF's UHSE: The use or potential use of qualifications frameworks as a tool of mobility by HEIs and other stakeholders (EN, FR)

- Study on the Diploma Supplement as seen by its users - A project organised in joint co-operation between ENIC-NARIC and ENQA (EN)


- CoRe - Competences in Education and Recognition (EN)

- SQUARE: Quality Assurance for the ENIC-NARIC Networks (EU-funded project with Netherlands (coordinator), etc.)

- IMPACT - Quality and Impact of the Recognitions Networks (EU-funded project with Netherlands (coordinator), etc.)

United Kingdom

- Charona II - The Changing Role of NARICs (EN)

Other related projects:
- FAIR - Focus on Automatic Institutional Recognition (EU-funded project with Netherlands (coordinator), etc.)
- MERIC net: Mediterranean Network of National Information Centres on the Recognition of Qualifications (EU-funded project involving the partner countries Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia, and the programme countries France (coordinator), Italy and Norway)
- RecoLATIN: Credential evaluation centres and recognition procedures in Latin American countries (EU-funded project involving the partner countries Mexico, Panama and Uruguay, and the programme countries Italy (coordinator), France and Norway)
- RecoNow - ENPI South: Knowledge of recognition procedures in ENPI South countries (EU-funded project involving the partner countries Jordan and Palestine, and the programme countries Italy (coordinator) and France)