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Appeal (Academic recognition)

If you are not satisfied with the result of the assessment of your diploma made by an official authority, you can appeal the decision. The Explanatory Report to Article III.5 of the Lisbon Recognition Convention states that "...the reason for a decision to the applicant’s disadvantage should be stated. The provision that it s up to the authority evaluating the application to show that the applicant does not fulfill the requirements for recognition is closely linked to the applicant’s right to appeal", and that "information should be given on the ways in which an appeal could be made, and on the time limits for such an appeal."

What to expect

The service responsible for the evaluation of your qualifications should inform you, as part of the initial information it provides you, of the procedures available to you to appeal their decision.

Further information

Contact your ENIC-NARIC national information centre (see list of countries to the right column), or your ministry/department of education, for further details.