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Framework of Qualifications in the Europe and North America Region

National Frameworks

in Europe

Within the Bologna Process — whose aim it is to establish a European Higher Education Area by 2010 —, participating countries have committed to elaborating national qualifications frameworks by 2010 and to launch this work by 2007. Countries have been invited to carry out self-certification exercises to verify the compatibility with the overarching framework of qualifications of the European Higher Education Area. As these self-certification exercises are completed, the self-certification reports will be published here.

Self-certification reports

Belgium: Flemish Community, February 2009, [PDF]

Denmark, 2009, [PDF]

Germany, September 2008, [PDF], [English] [German]

Ireland, November 2006, [PDF]

Italy, December 2012, [PDF]

United Kingdom

Web sites

Andorra: Andorran Framework for Diplomas in Higher Education (MATES)

Belgium: National Qualifications Framework(Flemish Community) (NQF)

Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Framework for Higher Education Qualifications in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Croatia: Croatian Qualifications Framework (CROQF)

Denmark: Danish Qualifications Framework

Estonia: EstonianHigher Education Qualifications Framework

Holy See: Holy See Qualification Framework

Ireland: National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ)

Italy: ItalianQualifications Framework for the Higher Education (QTI)

Lithuania: LithuanianQualifications Framework (LQF)

Malta: Malta Qualifications Framework (NQF)

Netherlands: National QualificationsFramework NQF)

Portugal: TheFramework for Higher Education Qualifications (FHEQ)

Slovenia: Slovenian Qualifications Framework (SQF)

Sweden: National Qualifications Framework (NQF)

Switzerland: Qualifications Framework of the Swiss Higher Education Area (

Turkey: National Qualifications Framework forHigher Education(NQF-HETR)

United Kingdom: National Qualifications Framework (NQF)

Outside Europe

Australia: Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)

Canada: Canadian Degree Qualifications Framework- Ministerial Statement on Quality Assurance of Degree Education in Canada [English] [Français]

Ontario: Ontario Qualifications Framework [English] [Français]
New Zealand: NationalQualifications Framework(NQF)

Related Resources within the Bologna Process

National Qualifications Frameworks Development and Certification,

Report from BolognaWorking Group on Qualifications Frameworks, 2007


Bologna Conference on Qualifications Frameworks

Danish Bologna Seminar, January 13-14, 2005

GeneralReport [PDF]

Qualification Structures in European Higher Education

Danish Bologna Seminar, 27-28thMarch 2003

ConferenceReport [PDF]

within the European Union

The European Qualifications Framework for lifelong learning (EQF)

The European Qualifications Framework (EQF): a new way to understand qualifications across Europe 

PressRelease Brussels, 5 September 2006