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I need financial support

Host countries often do not have financial assistance programmes for international students, except sometimes in the context of exchange or research programmes. Therefore you should first inquire in your home country about the possibilities for financial assistance, both at the government level and from private organisations.

Additionally, individual higher education institutions may have programmes, or partnerships with other institutions, to provide some financial assistance to international students. Especially in the context of the European Union, a number of student exchange and mobility programmes may apply to your situation.

In general, ENIC-NARIC centres do not provide information on scholarship programmes and other exchange and mobility programmes.

What to avoid

A number of fraudulent operations exist, which imitate legitimate agencies (in name for instance) to defraud students of their money. In general, be suspicious of any financial assistance programme or agency where you have to give money before you can receive money (to go to a seminar, for instance, or to be guaranteed success in your application).

Further information

Inquire with your own institution and the institution where you plan to study abroad about the existence of institutional financial aid programmes. Those details are normally given by International Relation Offices or Student Mobility Offices within an institution. Student associations may also be able to give you advice in this regard.

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