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Quality and Qualifications Ireland (Dearbhú Cáilíochta agus Cáilíochtaí Éireann)
NARIC Ireland at Quality and Qualifications Ireland

26-27 Denzille Lane

D02 P266


Phone: +353 1 905 8100
Web Site:
Contact person: Andrina Wafer, NARIC Ireland

National education bodies

Department of Education (An Roinn Oideachais)
An Roinn Oideachais
Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science (An Roinn Breisoideachais agus Ardoideachais, Taighe, Nualaiochta agus Eolaiochta)
DFHERIS - Education (

System of education

Education System in Ireland

Education is compulsory for children in Ireland from the ages of six to sixteen or until students have completed three years of second-level education.

The Irish education system is made up of:

State-funded education is available at all levels, unless you choose to send your child to a private institution - Education (

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University education

Universities in Ireland

Dublin City University

Maynooth University (NUIM)

Munster Technological University             

National University of Ireland, Galway

RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences            

Technological University Dublin

Trinity College, Dublin

University College Cork, Cork

University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4

University of Limerick, Limerick

Technological University of the Shannon 


Technological University

Technological University of Dublin established 1/1/19 with the merger of the Dublin Institute of Technology, the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown and the Institute of Technology Tallaght.

Munster Technological University was established 1/1/21 with the merger of Cork Institute of Technology and Institute of Technology Tralee.

Technological University of the Shannon was established  1/10/21 with the merger of Athlone Institute of Technology and Limerick Institute of Technology.

Quality Assurance in Higher Education

Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI)

QQI is the state agency with responsibility for quality assurance of education and training of further and higher education and training providers in the state in the context of post-school provision.

Irish Register of Qualifications (IRQ)

The Irish Register of Qualifications (IRQ) lists quality-assured, recognised qualifications offered by universities, technological universities, institutes of technology, private HE colleges, education and training boards, and private FE providers delivering courses leading to QQI Awards. 

The Register is managed by QQI in association with the providing institutions. The register will allow domestic and international authorities to confirm which qualifications are on the NFQ, which courses lead to these qualifications and the associated awarding body.

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Mid-term Report Card on Higher Education Quality Assurance Ireland

A key function for QQI is to organise and oversee independent quality reviews of each of Ireland’s public higher education institutions. QQI is currently mid-way through the current review cycle, CINNTE, which runs from 2017 to 2023.   

An independent mid-cycle review commissioned by QQI has found that all seven institutions reviewed between 2018 and 2020 have established and implemented quality assurance (QA) arrangements based on effective governance structures. 

Mid-term Report Card on Higher Education Quality Assurance (

Post-secondary non-university education

Further Education and Training Ireland

Further Education covers education and training which occurs after second level schooling but which is not part of the third level system. The providers of Further and Adult Education and Training include a wide variety of schools, organisations and institutions (public and private), who are involved in the delivery of continuing education and training for young school leavers, job seekers, the employed and adults returning to education. 

For awards recognised on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ), view the Irish Register of Qualifications.

Organisational Restructuring 
  • The Education and Training Boards Act 2013 was passed in 2013 and  provided for the dissolution of Vocational Education Committees (VECs) and established the 16 Education and Training Boards (ETBs) involving the merger of some of the 33 existing VECs. 
  • The  Further Education and Training Act 2013 was signed into law in July 2013. The Act provides for the establishment of SOLAS and the dissolution of FÁS. The legislation also provides for the gradual transfer of FÁS training centres and training staff to the newly formed Education and Training Boards.
Establishment of ETBs
  • Arising from the commencement of the Education and Training Boards Act, the 16 ETBs were established on 1st July 2013. 
  • Upon establishment, the ETBs had responsibility for the delivery of primary, post primary and further education in line with their predecessor VECs.  The transfer of former FÁS training functions would occur on a phased basis.
Establishment of SOLAS

SOLAS was established on 27 October 2013, bringing about the dissolution of FÁS. SOLAS will work with the ETBs to support the development of appropriate further education and training programmes and curricula and the sourcing of further education and training interventions from the private, public and not for profit sector.

National Framework of Qualifications

Certification in the Further and Higher Education and Training Sector is usually in alignment with the National Framework of Qualifications – an awards framework of 10 levels which is aligned to the European Framework of Qualifications. 

Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) 

A state agency of the Department of Education and Skills quality assures institutions of further and higher education and training, validates educational programmes and makes awards to learners.

Institutions Providing Adult Education and Training

The main providers of further and adult education and training are the Education and Training Boards (ETBs).  

Full-Time Programmes in Further Education
  • Post Leaving Certificate (PLC) Courses and apprenticeship
  • Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme (VTOS)
  • Youthreach
Part-Time Programmes in Further Education
  • Back To Education Initiative (BTEI)
  • Adult Literacy
  • Community Education

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Recognised higher education institutions

Recognised Providers of Higher Education Ireland

National University of Ireland Recognised Colleges

Institute of Public
Milltown Institute of Theology &
National College of Art and
Royal College of Surgeons
Shannon College of Hotel ManagementShannon College of Hotel Management - NUI Galway

Institutes Of Technology

*Dublin Institute of
*Athlone Institute of
*Cork Institute of
Dundalk Institute of
Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dun
Galway-Mayo Institute of
*Institute of Technology,
Institute of Technology,
Institute of Technology,
*Institute of Technology,
*Institute of Technology,
Letterkenny Institute of
*Limerick Institute of
*Limerick Institute of Technology
Waterford Institute of

* Technological University Dublin established 1/1/19 merging DIT, IT Blanchardstown and IT Tallaght. Munster Technological University established 1/1/21 merging Cork Institute of Technology and Institute of Technology Tralee. Technological University of the Shannon Midlands Midwest established 1/10/21 merging Athlone Institute of Technology and Limerick Institute of Technology.

Colleges of Education

Froebel College of Education

Coláiste Mhuire, Marino Institute of Education

St. Angela’s College

St Angela's College - NUI Galway

St. Patrick’s College of Education

Mary Immaculate College

Mater Dei Institute

Other State-Aided Institutions

Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

Garda College

Military College

National College of Ireland

Pontifical University of Maynooth

Royal Irish Academy of Music

St Patrick’s, Carlow College

Other State-Aided Institutions

Honorable Society of Kings
Law Society of

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Privately funded higher education colleges

Privately funded higher education colleges offering validated programmes leading to awards of Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) can be identified using this link:

Irish Register of Qualifications

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Policies and procedures for the recognition of qualifications

QQI Policy and Criteria for the Academic Recognition of Foreign Qualifications

NARIC Ireland advice on the academic recognition of foreign qualifications in Ireland

Recognition of Qualifications held by Refugees

NARIC Ireland

The qualifications database website lists more than 1,400 qualifications and an individual regardless of  their status can access a Comparability Statement for their academic qualifications free of charge from the relevant pages. 

This Comparability Statement compares the foreign qualification to an award type and level on the Irish national framework of qualifications. An employer or higher education institution can review this information in the context of their requirements.

See our RU) for more information on how to use the database and understand the comparability statements available.       

Qualifications Framework


The National Framework of Qualifications (NQF)

National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) -

Link(s): English, Irish

Updates and review material pertaining to the Irish NFQ - Key Milestones in the Development of the NFQ (

The Irish National Framework of Qualifications: Referencing to the European Qualifications Framework and Self-Certification of Compatibility with the Qualifications Framework of the European Higher Education Area

NFQ Referencing Report 12-2020.pdf (

Self Evaluation Report

The Irish National Framework of Qualifications: Referencing to the European Qualifications Framework and Self-Certification of Compatibility with the Qualifications Framework of the European Higher Education Area

NFQ Referencing Report 12-2020.pdf (

Diploma Supplement (DS) Information

Responsible organisation

Quality and Qualifications Ireland
Údarás na hÉireann um Cháilíochtaí agus Dearbhú Cáilíochta

26-27 Denzille Lane, D02 P266, Ireland

Phone: 00353 1 9058100
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National Europass Centre
National Europass Centre

Quality and Qualifications Ireland

26-27 Denzille Lane


D02 P266

Phone: 0035319058100
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Information on DS (legislation, template, chart, etc)

Process of Implementation of the Diploma Supplement

Our higher education institutions are responsible for issuing of Diploma Supplements and graduates must contact their awarding institution to request their Diploma Supplement. 

Europass maintains a Diploma Supplement contact list for the higher education institutions and Guidelines for Completion of the Diploma Supplement

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Chart / description of national higher education structure

Chart of the Irish Higher Education Structure

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Access to higher education

Postponement of the Irish 2021 Leaving Certificate Examinations

COVID 19 arrangements: The Irish Leaving Certificate 2021 

On 17 February the Irish Government announced that the written Leaving Certificate 2021 examinations will be held in June with related components also proceeding as far as possible subject to public health advice. A corresponding process of grades accredited by the State Examinations Commission (SEC) has been made available to students who opt to receive them Read the announcement.

Students have the option of whether to sit the examinations, receive SEC Accredited Grades, or both, on a subject by subject basis. Students have the option of registering to sit examinations in any number of subjects, while also receiving SEC Accredited Grades in any number of subjects.

On results day, students will get the better of the two results if they opted to both sit examinations and receive SEC Accredited Grades.

It is intended that the results of both the examinations and the SEC Accredited Grades processes will issue to students within the required timeframe for progression to higher and further education in Ireland.

For more detail see A Guide to State Examinations and Accredited Grades For Leaving Certificate 2021.

More details are also available from the State Examinations Commission which is responsible for the development, assessment, accreditation and certification of the second-level examinations of the Irish state: the Junior Certificate/Cycle and the Leaving Certificate. The State Examinations Commission is a non-departmental public body under the aegis of the Department of Education is the official state examinations.

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Verification sources

Quality and Qualifications Ireland

A verification service is available for a fee at Verification of Qualifications for WES / ICES / Other Evaluation Services  · Basic Portal (

Verification of awards made by designated awarding bodies

Verification of awards made by institutions which are designated awarding bodies in their own right will be available from these institutions.