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National Information Centres

ENIC Centar Montenegro,Ministarstvo prosvjete i nauke
ENIC Centre Montenegro,Ministry of Education and Science

Rimski trg bb, 81000 Podgorica<br>

Phone: 00 382 20 405 301
Fax: 00 382 20 405 334
Web Site:
Contact person: Ms. Vanja Srdanovic, Ranko Lazović

National education bodies

Ministarstvo prosvjete i nauke
Ministry of Education and Science

System of education

Ministry of Education and Science

Ministry of Education and Science, Department of Higher Education
On-line refrence of Eurydice report

Link(s): Montenegrin

University education

Univerzitet Crne Gore / The University of Montenegro
Univerzitet Mediteran / University Mediteran
Univerzitet Donja Gorica / University Donja Gorica

Quality Assurance in Higher Education

Quality Assurance Center at the University of Montenegro

Post-secondary non-university education

No link is available at this time

Recognised higher education institutions

Ministry of Education, ENIC centre

Ministry of Education
Council of Higher Education

Policies and procedures for the recognition of qualifications

Ministry of Education and Science, ENIC centre
Link(s): Montenegrin

Recognition of Qualifications held by Refugees

Qualifications Framework


Nacionalni okvir kvalifikacija
Link(s): Montenegrin

Self Evaluation Report

No link is available at this time

Diploma Supplement (DS) Information


No link is available at this time

Access to higher education

Verification sources