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Standards & Guidelines: A Quality Assurance System for the ENIC-NARIC networks

The ‘Standards & Guidelines for the ENIC-NARIC networks’ is a quality assurance instrument designed for the networks. Individual ENIC-NARIC centres can use it on a fully voluntary basis to review and improve their practices towards compliance with the LRC, in areas they themselves find most fitting. 

The instrument consists of 6 Standards & Guidelines, and a protocol for conducting a self-evaluation (including SWOT) and an external peer review by two other ENIC-NARIC centres. The self-evaluation and a peer review have a formative approach focused on continuous improvement in areas chosen by the centre under review. An external peer review is recommended every 5 years or in case of major changes to the centre.

The “Standards & Guidelines” for the networks were developed over the last 8 years by a large group of ENIC-NARICs and quality assurance experts, with co-funding from the European Commission (EARN, SQUARE and IMPACT projects). The Standards & Guidelines were adopted by the centres of the ENIC-NARIC networks during their annual meeting 2019 in Cologne.

For undertaking the self-evaluation and peer review, please use the following documents:

·  Standards & Guidelines Protocol

·  Report template self-evaluation (used by the centre under review)

·  Report template (used by peer reviewing team)

For more information, contact Jenneke Lokhoff (