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Academic recognition procedures

Academic recognition focuses on recognition of periods of study or qualifications issued by an educational institution with regard to a person wishing to continue or to begin studying or to use an academic title.

Higher education institutions should make available in a clear and transparent way their procedures and criteria for the assessment of foreign qualifications and periods of studies.

The information should consist of the following elements:

- indication of the competent office/unit/department in charge of the recognition procedure;

- description of the assessment criteria;

- list of required documents and manner of their submission (providing advice to the applicant on how to obtain the required documents);

- the approximate time needed to process an application;

- any fees charged;

- conditions and procedures for appealing against a recognition decision.

All the recognition decisions taken by an institution should be supplemented with information on the reason(s) of the decision and, in case of a negative decision, information on the appeal procedure, including the path to follow and deadline.

In general, the emphasis should be placed not only on the amount of information, but more on its relevancy, clarity, and availability.

Further information

If you have a question about academic recognition procedures in one of the ENIC-NARIC countries listed in the right column, please click on the name of the country and contact the national information centre of that country for expert assistance.

You can also find information on policies and procedures for the recognition of qualifications in each ENIC-NARIC country page (right column).

For more detailed information on academic recognition procedures in other countries, please visit the UNESCO Regions section of the present website and contact directly the national authority of the country concerned.

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