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National Information Centres

ENIC Centar Montenegro,Ministarstvo prosvjete i nauke
ENIC Centre Montenegro,Ministry of Education and Science

Rimski trg bb, 81000 Podgorica

Phone: 00 382 20 405 301
Fax: 00 382 20 405 334
Head of Centre: Ms. Vanja Srdanovic, Ranko Lazović

Ministarstvo prosvjete i nauke
Ministry of Education and Science

Link(s): Montenegrin, English

Ministry of Education and Science
Ministry of Education and Science, Department of Higher Education
On-line refrence of Eurydice report

Link(s): Montenegrin

Univerzitet Crne Gore / The University of Montenegro
Univerzitet Mediteran / University Mediteran
Univerzitet Donja Gorica / University Donja Gorica

Link(s): Montenegrin, English, Montenegrin, English, Montenegrin, English, English

Ministry of Education, ENIC centre
Ministry of Education
Council of Higher Education

Link(s): Montenegrin, Montenegrin, English


Nacionalni okvir kvalifikacija

Link(s): Montenegrin


No link is available at this time.

Quality Assurance Center at the University of Montenegro

Link(s): Montenegrin, English

Ministry of Education and Science, ENIC centre

Link(s): Montenegrin

Responsible organisation

Information on DS (legislation, template, chart, etc)