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National Information Centres

Departament d'Ensenyament Superior, Recerca i Ajuts a l'Estudi
Department of Higher Education, Research and Scholarships

Ministeri d'Educació i Ensenyament Superior
Av. Rocafort, 21-23
AD600 Sant Julià de Lòria

Phone: +376 743 300
Fax: +376 743 313
Web Site:
Contact person: Ms. Mar Martínez

National education bodies

Ministeri d'Educació i Ensenyament Superior
Ministry of Education and Higher Education

Av. Rocafort, 21-23
AD600 Sant Julià de Lòria

Link(s): Catalan, Catalan

System of education

Andorran educational system

In Andorra there are 3 educational systems: Andorran, French and Spanish. Education is free from 3 to 16 years old and compulsory from 6 to 16 years old for all these systems.
After compulsory education, students can choose General studies in a High School or professional/vocation studies in each system.
Andorran system is a multilingual system where Catalan, French and Spanish are languages used as teaching languages. English is also taught as a Foreign language.

Link(s): Catalan, English

University education

Universitat d'Andorra, Universitat Oberta la Salle

Universitat d'Andorra:

Public University offering 4 present bachelor degrees and a wide range of long-distance studies through the Spanish UOC University.

Universitat Oberta la Salle:
Private long distance university offering bachelor and master degrees in the field of business and computering

Quality Assurance in Higher Education

Agència de qualitat de l'ensenyament superior d'Andorra (AQUA)

The AQUA was created by Decree in 2006 to supervise the current degrees ofered by the University of Andorra and new possible universities or higher education institutions. Law 9/2016, of June 28, ensures the independence, transparency, professionalism and international recognition of AQUA.
Director of AQUA is Ms. Marta Fonolleda Riberaygua and she can be reachable at:
C. Dr. Vilanova, 15-17

Ed. del Consell General, planta -3

AD500 Andorra la Vella


Phone: +376 877951

Link(s): Catalan, English

Post-secondary non-university education

Diploma Professional Avançat (DPA) and Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (BTS)

DPA is a 120 ECTS degree professional oriented in management.
BTS is a 120 ECTS professional oriented in management of small and middle enterprises.

Recognised higher education institutions

Higher education institutions

Universitat d'Andorra 
Universitat Oberta la Salle 
Lycée Comte de Foix

Policies and procedures for the recognition of qualifications

Law 14/2018, of 21 June, of higher education published on 18 July 2018 and the Decree of recognition of foreign qualifications published on 5 March 2014
With these new regulations, Andorra recognizes the level of qualifications according to the Bologna Process and the Lisbon Convention.

Recognition of Qualifications held by Refugees


Today, Andorra does not have a legal framework which regulates the refugee status. Because of that, ENIC Andorra does not deal with higher education diplomas from refugees.

Qualifications Framework


Andorra NQF

Andorra published the Higher Education Framework and a sample figure to see the levels at a first glance.

Self Evaluation Report

Diploma Supplement (DS) Information

Responsible organisation

Universitat d’Andorra
University of Andorra

Plaça de la Germandat, 7

AD600 Sant Julià de Lòria

Phone: + 376 743 000
Link: Catalan
Universitat Oberta La Salle
Open University La Salle

Av. del Través, 31, local A-2

AD400 La Massana

Phone: + 376 815 388
Link: Catalan, English, French, Spanish

Additional information:

Andorra has implemented the Diploma Supplement in accordance with the recommendations of UNESCO and the Council of Europe. It is available in Catalan, French, Spanish or English.

Information on DS (legislation, template, chart, etc)

Decree regulating the creation of the European Diploma Suplement 14 July 2004 modified by the Decree of modification of the European DS 27 August 2008

Decree regulating the creation of the European Diploma Suplement

Link(s): Catalan, English

Access to higher education