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I need Academic recognition

Academic recognition is the recognition of a foreign qualification for the purpose of further studies.

The need for academic recognition may arise when a person having a qualification from their home country seeks admission to a further stage of studies in a foreign country or seeks admission to further studies in the home country after completion of the previous stage or a period of study abroad.

In principle, academic recognition is sought only for admission to further studies and in the majority of national systems is directly made by higher education institutions. Official lists of recognised higher education institutions in ENIC-NARIC countries are provided in each country page on the right column.

Some applicants, however, choose to receive a statement of academic recognition before seeking employment in the professions where recognition of a foreign degree/diploma, is not officially required (i.e. in non-regulated professions). This kind of recognition (academic recognition for professional purposes) helps employers to understand how a home country's qualifications can be compared to a foreign one.

Further information

If you have a question about the recognition of your degree, diploma or qualifications in one of the ENIC-NARIC countries listed in the right column, please click on the name of the country and contact the national information centre of that country for expert assistance.

You can also find information on policies and procedures for the recognition of qualifications in each ENIC-NARIC country page (right column).

For more detailed information on academic recognition procedures in other countries, please visit the UNESCO Regions section of the present website and contact directly the national authority of the country concerned.