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Latin America and the Caribbean

Legal Framework

Information on the Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Convention on Recognition:

Regional Convention on the Recognition of Studies, Diplomas and Degrees in Higher Education (2019 Buenos Aires Convention)

Country List

In this section you can find information regarding national authorities in charge of higher education issues in the Latin America and the Caribbean UNESCO Region.

Brazil - Country Details

Organisation name 1: Federal Ministry of Education

Address: Esplanada dos Ministerios, Bloco L, - Brasilia DF

Organisation name 2: National Council of Education

Address: SGAS, Av. L2 Sul, Quadra 607, Lote 5 - Brasilia DF

Phone: (61) 2022-7700

Organisation name 3: National Council of Ministers of Education

Address: SDS/CONIC - Ed. Boulevard Center, Sala 501 - Brasilia DF

Phone: (+55) 61-2195-8650

Organisation name 4: National Union of Municipal Directors of Education

Address: SCS - Q. 6 Bloco A. Edifício Carioca - Salas 611/613 - Brasilia DF

Phone: (+55) 61-3037-7888

Organisation name 5: Co-ordination of the Enhancement of Higher Education Staff

Address: Setor Bancário Norte, Quadra 2, Bloco L, Lote 06 - Brasilia DF

Phone: (+55) 61-3037-7888

Organisation name 6: Brazilian Association of Community Universities

Address: Setor de Clubes Sul, Trecho 3, Conjunto 6 - Brasilia DF

Phone: (+55) 61-3349-3300

Organisation name 7: Brazilian Distance Education Association

Address: Rua Vergueiro, 875 - 12º andar, conjuntos 123/124, Liberdade - São Paulo

Phone: (+55) 11-3275-3561

Organisation name 8: National Association of Private Universities

Address: Scn Q 5 Bl A s 617 - Brasilia DF

Phone: (+55) 61-3248-1721

Organisation name 9: Council of Rectors of Brazilian Universities

Address: South Commercial Sector (SCS) Block 1, Block K, nº 30, rooms 801, 802, 803 and 804, 8th floorDenasa Building- Brasília/DF

Phone: (+55) 61-3349-9010

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