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Non-regulated professions

Some occupations are regulated (i.e. Medical Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, etc.), while others are not. Whether you are planning to emigrate permanently, to go abroad temporarily or to return to your home country to start working after completing studies abroad, it is imperative that you enquire about the status of your chosen occupation, how to proceed to have your qualifications evaluated, and what additional steps you may need to take before you are authorised to practise.

For a non-regulated occupation, requirements for employment can vary from very specific to very general. You may be expected to demonstrate a certain level of skills and competences, to have completed a certain number of years of education, and even to have personal characteristics suitable for the job. Since these requirements are not regulated by law, it is up to the employer to decide whether your qualifications earned outside the country are equivalent to the credentials required for the occupation. Because registration and certification may be available for certain non-regulated occupations, some employers will require, as a condition for employment, that applicants be registered or certified by the relevant professional association.

There is no single process in place for the recognition of qualifications for purposes of entry into non-regulated occupations. The procedures and practices will depend from one hosting country to another.

Further information

The ENIC-NARIC national information centre (see the list of countries to the right) should be able to assist you or to direct you to the appropriate source of information.

Some ENIC-NARIC national information centres can produce documents useful to present your qualification(s) to employers in a different system.

For more detailed information on regulated and non-regulated professions in other countries, please visit the UNESCO section of the present website and/or contact directly the national authority of the country concerned.

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