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Russian Federation

National Information Centres

Главный государственный экспертный центр оценки образования "Главэкспертцентр"
Main State Center for Education Evaluation

Leninskiy prospekt 6, stroenie 3. Moscow, Russia, zip: 119049. Glavekspertcentr

Phone: +7 (495) 317-17-10
Fax: +7 (495) 665-00-15
Web Site:
Contact person: Vera Skorobogatova, Director
Национальный информационный центр по академическому признанию и мобильности
National Information Center for Academic Recognition and Mobility

Mikluho-Maklaya St. 6,
RUDN, 117593 Moscow, Russia

Phone: +07 495 958-2881, 955-0818
Fax: +07 495 433-1511, 958-2881
Web Site:
Contact person: Gennady Lukichev, Director

National education bodies

Министерство образования и науки РФ
Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation
Link(s): Russian, English
Федеральная служба по надзору в сфере образования и науки
Federal Service of Supervision in Education and Science
Link(s): Russian

System of education

Link(s): Russian, English

University education

Description of the Russian Higher Education System

Link(s): Russian, , English

Quality Assurance in Higher Education

Federal Service of Supervision in Education and Science

Link(s): Russian

National Accreditation Agency

Link(s): Russian, English

Post-secondary non-university education

Link(s): Russian, English

Recognised higher education institutions

The list of the recognised (accredited) HEIs

Link(s): English

Database maintained by the Federal Service of Supervision in Education and Science

Link(s): Russian

Федеральный реестр сведений о документах об образовании и (или) о квалификации, документах об обучении

Federal information system "Federal register of information on education documents and qualification, documents about learning" 

Link(s): russian

Policies and procedures for the recognition of qualifications

Recognition of Qualifications held by Refugees

Recognition procedure for persons in a refugee like situation

Currently there are no national regulations concerning special recognition procedure for persons in a refugee like situation. For now National Information Centre uses flexible approaches and tools mentioned the Lisbon Recognition Convention and European Recognition Manual for dealing with refugees and asylum seekers. The Centre is developing the recognition concept of refugees’ education and therefore holds regular consultations with all educational authorities, migrant service and other stakeholders.

Qualifications Framework


Self Evaluation Report

Diploma Supplement (DS) Information

Responsible organisation

Information on DS (legislation, template, chart, etc)

Diploma Supplement - guidance manual

Link(s): Russian
Description of the Russian Education System

Diagram and description of the Russian Education System

Link(s): English, Russina

Access to higher education