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Upper Secondary School Examinations - High School Diplomas in times of COVID-19

The ENIC-Bureau and NARIC Advisory Board being committed to tackle the challenges that the Networks face due to COVID-19 virus, have identified priorities and set goals in their Workplan to support and facilitate recognition in this period of COVID-19.

These are:

1. Information disclosure and sharing on COVID-19 measures to support recognition

2. Support fair recognition of 'disrupted learning' due to COVID-19

3. Organize dialogue and peer support

4. Monitoring

5. Transparency of actions

Within the framework of the first goal, one of the actions has been to provide an overview of measures taken in regard to upper secondary school examinations, certification, access to higher education and related matters taken by governments due to COVID-19.

The file UPPER SECONDARY SCHOOL EXAMS - HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMAS is a compilation of information gathered by the Danish Enic-Naric centre built to its current form by EB-NAB members after receiving the explicit approval from all interested ENIC/NARIC offices on making any collected information from their national education system publicly accessible on this new webpage created for this purpose.

We hope that providing access to this data will serve the purpose of this effort which is to facilitate the admission process to Higher Education.